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Honoring the History and Impact of the AAPI Community

A survey of over 2,700 people in the U.S. found 42% of those asked could not name one single prominent Asian American. Many weren’t able to name Vice President Kamala Harris, Star Trek actor and activist George Takei, or Alphabet (Google) CEO Sundar Pichai — this data reaffirms actor Steven Yeun’s quote in a New […]

Want To Win at Hybrid Work? Get These Three Things Right

Hybrid work has existed long enough, and in large enough numbers, that researchers have identified why some organizations are more successful with it than others. It comes down to three things: tools, training, and team building.  Pre-pandemic, only 8% of the 60 million U.S workers whose jobs could be done remotely worked exclusively at home, […]

Your Contact Center Agents Are Burnt Out – Here’s How To Help Them

Emily Witt and Nicholas Feinig contributed reporting to this article. Consumers rely on customer service agents for help with everything from address changes to insurance claims. But frontline agents are leaving their jobs en masse, citing burnout and lack of flexibility – a recent Salesforce survey found 71% of agents have considered leaving their job […]

Kara Swisher Says You Need a Web3 Strategy — Here’s Why

Many titans of the Web 1.0 and 2.0 eras have been relegated to the dustbin of history, rendered irrelevant or knocked out altogether for failing to evolve and give consumers what they want. As we sit on the precipice of the more decentralized and immersive Web 3.0, more commonly known as Web3, today’s companies need […]

Maximize Your Salesforce ROI With the Summer ’22 Release

The Summer ’22 Release preview is here! There are great new features and enhancements for you to explore. You’re probably wondering: why should I care? What’s in it for me? How is it possible that Salesforce can help my business in even more ways? We release hundreds of new products, features, and enhancements three times […]

Remote Support Gives Agents a New Look Into the Customer Experience

How often do your customers call and struggle to describe their issues? Your agents can’t see blinking router lights or disconnected wires, for example, making it harder to provide the steps to fix it. A long and frustrating call often ends with the agent scheduling a service appointment. In many cases, you can solve the […]

How to Deliver a Successful Product Launch

Your brand has a new product on the way. Your marketing team has spent months partnering with product management to understand the roadmap and build messaging and positioning. Now it’s time for the fun part: telling the world about this new innovation with a product launch. Salesforce defines a product launch as announcing a new […]

3 Ways Trailblazing Companies Partner With Pathfinder To Meet Their Talent Needs

The Pathfinder program, a workforce development initiativeRewrite the traditional hiring script1. Internships are the gatekeepers to experience2. Don’t reinvent the wheel, leverage existing programs3. Keep it simple with direct-to-hire from training programsHear from Pathfinder Trailblazers who have landed rolesThe ecosystem, working together Two things are true in the Salesforce ecosystem right now: There are more […]

10 Steps To Get Your Product Adoption-Ready

Today, the software-as-a-service market is growing at an unprecedented rate, with plenty of solutions available to improve the customer experience. Most of these solutions promise numerous features and benefits, but only a few survive the market competition to reach true product adoption.   “I built a supernova product but never found any takers for it.” “I […]

Using Data in Marketing Is Complicated — This Platform Can Help

Deep in rural Wisconsin in 1962, there was a marketing organization that was decades ahead of its time. It operated a data processing center with an IBM 650 computer and a direct-mail program. It even had an early version of customer prediction, showing how often its audience responded to messages.  Their marketing response rate? A […]