Worldwide, Trailblazers are building successful careers, communities, and companies with Salesforce.

As the world changes, Salesforce evolves with it. Our ecosystem grows and shifts as the jobs and technologies of today and tomorrow come into focus.

With a steep rise in demand for marketers with digital skills, Salesforce partners and customers need marketing experts to reach and retain customers, remain relevant, and build brand value now more than ever.

Today, marketers are vital to driving a business’s digital transformation and sustainable success.

Marketers establish strategies, build audiences, and launch effective, personalized customer journeys. This sets companies up to be more successful at delighting customers and meeting their expectations for connected experiences at every interaction.

Level up with the Marketer Career Path

With the Marketer Career Path on Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning platform—Trailblazers have an all-in-one place to learn in-demand skills, connect with a community of skilled marketing professionals, and transform their marketing careers, all for free!

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Skill up for the future and learn new skills from anywhere.

Marketing is essential in every business, large or small. It’s a growing, multi-faceted field with jobs that focus on and emphasize a variety of skill sets.

These seven Trailhead trailmixes are custom learning paths with dynamic content and videos. They’ll help you skill up and learn about your ideal marketing career in various in-demand roles, including:

Content Marketing—Build brand awareness with engaging stories. Grow an online presence with shareable content and learn how to use metrics to track success.Product Marketing—Analyze market trends to position your company’s product(s) and craft compelling messages across channels that highlight benefits for the customer.Demand Generation—Understand your buyers and target audiences to reach them with personalized offers. See how real-time data and account-based marketing drive demand.Email Marketing—Drive greater campaign click-through rates, reengage inactive subscribers, and grow your subscriber base with an enterprise email solution.Marketing Analytics—Explore the data that drives revenue and inspires customers’ behaviors. Learn how to use marketing metrics to personalize the customer experience.Data Analytics—Build a unified customer view across marketing, commerce, IT, sales, and service. Boost efficiency with a customer data platform strategy.Marketing Leadership—Learn about the latest innovations in marketing to stay ahead of the competition. Find new ways to engage your customers and guide your teams with empathy.

Grow your skills with marketing content

Digital and data-skilled marketers are in high demand. Part artists, part scientists, marketers know how powerful storytelling is, especially when there’s data to back it up.

Trailhead Module — Salesforce Marketer: Quick Look

Learn what marketers do and the skills they need to succeed.

If you’re looking to grow your skills or further your marketing career, it’s key to combine non-technical skills, like storytelling and public speaking, with Salesforce tech skills like email personalization and data management. And to make sure finding content designed just for marketers is easier than ever, use the Salesforce Marketer role tag on Trailhead.

With this tag, discovering and skilling up on marketing content is seamless. Use filters and find the relevant trails, modules, and projects you need to succeed.

Also, check out this dynamic content just for marketers:

Salesforce Marketer: Quick Look—Discover what marketers do and the skills they need to succeed.Omni-Channel Digital Marketing: Quick Look—Learn how to create seamless customer experiences across digital channels.Digital Advertising: Quick Look—Find out how to deliver successful digital advertising campaigns.Account-Based Marketing: Quick Look—See how to use account-based marketing for demand generation.Marketing Analytics: Quick Look—Learn how to use data to improve marketing performance.

Connect with the Marketing Trailblazer Community Group

More than 80% of Trailblazers found that Trailblazer Community engagement has boosted their production levels and ability to innovate, helping them discover new solutions.

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With the Marketing Trailblazer Community Group, anyone can learn, get inspired, and connect with fellow #MomentMarketers. Discover expert tips and hints or hop in and discuss strategy, trends, customer expectations, skills, and more.

When you connect with the Trailblazer Community, you grow your career alongside experts like Isiah Wint-Rose:

“With 10+ years of experience in email and digital marketing, to remain an SME in the space, I find myself regularly turning to Trailhead.”

Isiah Wint-Rose, Email Marketing Analyst

Whether you want to personalize experiences, keep up with evolving trends, or develop marketing strategies, Trailhead is here to help all #MomentMarketers succeed.

Discover more about how Trailhead sets up an equal path for anyone to supercharge their marketing skills in the Salesforce ecosystem. Plus, learn about a career in digital marketing and find free resources to grow your marketing career on the Salesforce Newsroom.

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