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What Is a Salesforce Designer?

So, what is a Salesforce Designer?What does a Salesforce Designer do?What kind of designer can I be?How do I become a Salesforce Designer?Career prospects and opportunities for Salesforce DesignersWhich certifications are necessary for the job? Salesforce helps more than 150,000 customers across myriad businesses, nonprofits, and institutions to connect with their customers. People around the […]

4 Consumer Goods Trends Transforming the Industry in 2022

The last two years have been a roller coaster for consumer goods businesses. Shoppers demand more convenience and innovation but continue to be frustrated by higher prices and product shortages. The Great Resignation added more turbulence to an already fraught labor market. Add the ongoing supply chain crisis, and it’s pretty clear that this wild […]

The Resume is Dead — You Need a New Hiring Playbook

Do we still need resumes? Is experience overrated? Are your job descriptions accurate?  Attracting and retaining workers in this highly competitive, extraordinarily tight labor market is harder than ever, and a key priority for businesses. Nearly 60% of HR pros said building critical skills and competencies is their top priority this year. All this should […]

Amenitiz gets $30M for SaaS it bills as ‘Shopify for hotels’

Barcelona-based Amenitiz, which sells software-as-a-service for streamlining the administration of independent hotels and B&Bs which it shorthands as ‘Shopify for hotels’, has closed a $30 million Series A a few months after it announced a $7.5M seed. The latest round is led by VC firm Eight Roads, with Chalfen Ventures and existing investors Point-Nine, Backed […]

Compt nabs $13M to make employee perks more personal

With white-collar workers settling into hybrid work arrangements — a legacy of the pandemic — companies are rethinking how they deliver corporate perks like transportation, cafeterias and gyms (much to the chagrin of some). As the concept of “the office” evolves, employers are being urged to offer flexible perks that can be tailored to the […]

Hear Deel’s $14m winning pitch to A16z on TechCrunch Live

Deel’s timeline is impressive: Founded in 2018, entered YC and raised its seed round in 2019. In 2020, the company raised a Series A and Series B. In 2021, Deel raised its Series C and Series D for a total amount raised of $629 million since its founding. And on April 20, co-founder and CEO […]

Beamy lands $9M to help enterprises detect and manage their SaaS apps

Perhaps one of the strongest examples of software “eating the world,” as a prominent VC once put it, is the growth of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. According to Statista, in 2021, the market for SaaS apps and services was worth roughly $145.5 billion — up from $120.7 billion in 2020. One source estimates that companies […]

SaaS demo platform Demostack raises $34M to expand to new markets

Demostack, a San Francisco, California-based startup creating a “demo experience” platform for software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales teams, today announced that it raised $34 million in a Series B round led by Tiger Global Management with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, Amiti Ventures, GTMfund, Operator Collective, and StepStone. CEO Jonathan Friedman says that the proceeds will be […]

Freshflow is helping grocery retailers fight food waste

For years grocery retailers have been using data driven forecasting to help them predict demand to figure out which products to reorder to keep shelves stocked. That’s nothing new. But Berlin-based startup Freshflow is targeting a particular slice of this market: It’s built an AI-powered forecasting platform to help retailers optimize stock replenishment of fresh, […]