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Consumer fintech trading revenues don’t measure up to SaaS ARR

After a lengthy period of experimentation, investors have decided that consumer fintech trading businesses are not SaaS companies, meaning that those fintech revenues should not be valued as if they were annual recurring revenue (ARR), the main product of software-as-a-service concerns. The point matters because a host of consumer fintech startups have raised capital, spent, […]

Cisco Radio Aware Routing

Cisco Radio Aware Routing addresses several of the challenges faced when merging IP routing and radio communications in mobile networks, especially those exhibiting ad hoc (MANET) behavior. This technology has applications in the defense industry as well as state and local government for search and rescue, law enforcement, and disaster assessment. Looking at the Real-World […]

IE Switching “Experience Matters”

In my first blog post on purpose built switches, I discussed the robust hardware design of our industrial ethernet switches that enables them to withstand harsh environments. In this blog, we will discuss frequently asked questions with the manager of the hardware team responsible for our robust hardware design. I have a lot of respect […]

Cisco IoT sweeps industry awards

When a movie wins an Academy Award, I know it excels in a certain way. When a movie wins in multiple categories—like Forrest Gump (six Oscars), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (five Oscars), and Gone With the Wind (four Oscars)—we know it has widespread appeal. Red carpet for the internet of things I’m proud […]

Cisco Industrial Routers and 2G & 3G sunset

Cellular technology, evolving from 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and now 5G, is one of the main pillars of industrial IoT networks. It enables connectivity with thousands of remote devices deployed in the field, across industries and use cases. Like any technology, cellular technology evolves over time as new releases of 3GPP specifications are developed, implemented by […]

Cisco and Transport for NSW: Transforming the future of transportation

John JudgeCo-author, Cisco Innovation Lab Leader From congestion to road safety, to connected cars, to mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), and even post-pandemic changes in travel patterns, there are many challenges and changes happening in the world of transport. With these considerations and more, how does an agency take their existing infrastructure, assets, and services, and create a […]