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Azure IoT increases enterprise-level intelligent edge and cloud capabilities

For Microsoft Azure IoT, our approach is connecting devices at the edge to the cloud seamlessly and securely to help customers achieve desired business outcomes. At this year’s Embedded World 2022, we’ll share how our Azure IoT solutions are delivering enhanced device security, seamless cloud integration, and device certification. One of the key ways we’re delivering cost-efficient […]

Implement security monitoring across OT, IIoT and cloud with AWS Security Hub

Introduction Industrial digital transformation can increase competitiveness and optimize processes and profitability through the use of big data, IoT, machine-to-machine communication, and machine learning. Continuous digitalization and progressive interconnectivity of the production environment is important to capturing value from industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. While this new and expanding “physical meets digital” connectivity enables great rewards, […]

What is BizOps: an autopilot for your business

Autopilot was introduced way back in 1912, ushering in the era of long-distance air travel. Attaching gyroscopes and altitude indicators to rudders allowed aircraft to maintain their trajectory. Today, intelligent automation software promises to similarly revolutionize business by monitoring and automating critical processes, so your organization flies true without your undivided attention. I host the […]

How KAMAX connected their industrial machines to AWS in hours instead of weeks

This post was co-authored by Praveen Rao, Principal GTM leader, Mfg and Supply Chain at AWS; Adrian Weiss, Product Manager and Senior Data Scientist at nexineer; Nicolas Byl, Director Software Engineering at nexineer; Jill Mannaioni, Vice President Americas at CloudRail; and Philip Weber, Senior Partner Manager, EMEA and APJ at CloudRail. Every manufacturing customer these […]

Appealing to the senses through digital commerce content

Loyal customers recognize the powerful scent of cinnamon at Cinnabon, the mood-lifting music at Starbucks, the creamy taste of chocolate samples at Godiva, the silky touch of a beautifully made leather handbag at Luis Vuitton and the sight of glittering rows of jewelry at Tiffany’s. For decades, big-name retailers have turned to marketing experts to […]

The next era in banking starts with reframing trust

In a world where 76% of Americans are choosing mobile apps over teller windows and digital wallets are fast replacing cash in pockets, banks are changing rapidly. But it’s more than just expanding digital services. Financial institutions are faced with a culture shift that requires redefining and earning customer trust. Trust has always mattered in […]

To navigate the Great Resignation, focus on employee experience

In October 2021, 4.2 million Americans quit their jobs, a trend mirrored in the rest of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Where did they go? Some pundits framed this “Great Resignation” as an exodus of disenfranchised workers fed up with corporate life. The facts tell a different story: employee engagement is near […]

Turn sustainability ambition into action

For nearly 20 years, IBM has surveyed thousands of CEOs about their biggest challenges. In the latest survey, sustainability ranked at the top, a five-spot jump from 2021. Nearly 60% of CEOs told us they see significant demand from investors for greater transparency on sustainability. They are also feeling the pressure from multiple stakeholders. Regulators […]

The CPO’s role in driving enterprise sustainability

The British Zero Defects thinker Phil Crosby said, “If anything is certain, it is that change is certain. The world we are planning for today will not exist in this form tomorrow.” Few events in modern history have amplified this as much as the COVID-19 pandemic. In corporate supply chains, Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) have […]