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How Canada is growing its data economy

The data economy is booming. In 2021, IDC estimated the value of the data economy in the U.S. at USD 255 billion, and that of the European Union at USD 110 billion. In these and many other regions, growth in the data economy outpaces GDP. IBM has examined Canada’s particular potential for data leadership, with […]

Grow your knowledge: a guide to IoT Solutions World Congress 2022

Overview Welcome to your guide for IoT Solutions World Congress, an event showcasing the game-changing solutions and technologies disrupting and transforming industries. Follow the digital conversations via the hashtag, #IOTSWC22. IoT Solutions World Congress will take place May 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain. Join AWS on-site in Barcelona for IoT leadership sessions and IoT device demonstrations […]

Harnessing the power of IoT in manufacturing—4 critical components

Only 30%! That is how many companies are capturing value at scale from their Industry 4.0 investments, according to a McKinsey study and as described in a new joint report from Cisco and the analyst firm Industrial Transformation Network (IX Network), 4 Critical Components to Harnessing the Power of IoT in Manufacturing. Manufacturers around the […]

How to win your SWIFT challenge

We are living in a cloud era, with new tools, programming languages, and technologies evolving at a much higher speed than even just 2 years ago. Workers need to refresh and resharpen skills on a regular basis. Financial institutions must embrace these changes and be prepared for the technological shifts and the innovative features needed […]

Mitigating new Industroyer2 and Incontroller malware targeting industrial control systems

A new Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) warns that advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have unleashed new malware to gain full system access to industrial control systems (ICS). Industrial organizations and critical infrastructure are at risk. The CSA was issued jointly by the Department of Energy (DOE), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), National Security Agency (NSA), […]

Don’t underestimate the cloud’s full value

As the adoption of cloud computing grows, enterprises see the cloud as the path to modernization. But there is quite a bit of confusion about the actual value of the cloud, leading to suboptimal modernization journeys. Most people see the cloud as a location for their computing needs. While cloud service providers (CSPs) are an […]

Five lessons manufacturing operations can learn from enterprise IT teams

Digital manufacturing stresses factory networks in ways their designers never dreamed of. You’ve got more devices that need more bandwidth and wider access. You might be pulling ahead of competitors using cloud applications like predictive maintenance or “digital twins” that simulate the effects of changes. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks are increasing. By some accounts, manufacturing was the […]

Cisco Radio Aware Routing

Cisco Radio Aware Routing addresses several of the challenges faced when merging IP routing and radio communications in mobile networks, especially those exhibiting ad hoc (MANET) behavior. This technology has applications in the defense industry as well as state and local government for search and rescue, law enforcement, and disaster assessment. Looking at the Real-World […]