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OpenView’s Kyle Poyar shares how to build a standout software company in the 2020s

Kyle Poyar Contributor Share on Twitter Kyle Poyar is a partner at OpenView. More posts by this contributor Usage-based pricing is a company-wide effort Inside the rapid rise of usage-based pricing It’s no secret that 2022 has been a brutal year for software companies. Valuations have been slashed, inflation keeps climbing and layoff announcements abound. […]

How To Plan an Event That Drives Business Value

If you’ve ever been to a Salesforce event, you probably know that we take our fun pretty seriously over here. We love to host amazing, memorable experiences, but creating those moments of joy takes months of event management and execution.  Events have the power to generate a lasting impact on your audience that extends well […]

Want a More Productive Team? Ask Them How They Want to Work

Workers’ expectations of how they want to work have shifted in the last two years. With increased remote and hybrid work came more flexible schedules, allowing people to set up their days to suit how they want to work — when and wherever they like. To increase productivity, managers need to ask their teams how they […]

Can You Work Without Meetings? Salesforce Is Trying for Another Week

In 2021, Salesforce undertook a bold experiment to uncover new ways of working. Over the course of several weeks, large chunks of the organization, tens of thousands of people, tried to go meeting-free for a full week. It’s been so enlightening and successful that this week (June 20-24), we’re holding our third “async week.”  Several […]

SaaS platform LeadSquared becomes unicorn with $153 million fresh funding

LeadSquared, a SaaS startup that is helping sales teams become more efficient with its CRM platform, is the latest Indian startup to become a unicorn. LeadSquared said on Tuesday it has raised $153 million in a Series C funding round that valued it at $1 billion (post-money). The round was led by WestBridge Capital, the […]

Azure IoT increases enterprise-level intelligent edge and cloud capabilities

For Microsoft Azure IoT, our approach is connecting devices at the edge to the cloud seamlessly and securely to help customers achieve desired business outcomes. At this year’s Embedded World 2022, we’ll share how our Azure IoT solutions are delivering enhanced device security, seamless cloud integration, and device certification. One of the key ways we’re delivering cost-efficient […]

A CDP Is a Powerful Tool for Marketers — Here’s How To Make It Work for You

The customer data platform (CDP) is one of the fastest-growing categories of marketing technology today. In order to understand why, you have to look at some of the underlying challenges in marketing related to data and personalization. What does a customer data platform do? We live in an era where the customer is in control. […]

Implement security monitoring across OT, IIoT and cloud with AWS Security Hub

Introduction Industrial digital transformation can increase competitiveness and optimize processes and profitability through the use of big data, IoT, machine-to-machine communication, and machine learning. Continuous digitalization and progressive interconnectivity of the production environment is important to capturing value from industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. While this new and expanding “physical meets digital” connectivity enables great rewards, […]